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Customs Clearance Procedures

Clearance of arriving travelers luggage and vehicles at all entry checkpoints is under the purview of the Customs. At the checkpoints, Customs officers conduct checks on persons, baggage and vehicles entering the country, and collect applicable taxes and duties.
Thai Customs has implemented a Red & Green Channel System at all major airport to expedite clearance of arriving travelers. If you are arriving by air, you will see the Red and Green Channel directional signs located along the route after Immigration clearance.

The travelers who require Customs services or to pay taxes and duties on their goods may proceed directly to the Customs Office at the Checkpoint/ airports. If in doubt, please enquire with the Customs officer at the Red Channel.

Proceed to the Red or Goods to Declare Channel if you carry:

  • Prohibited items upon arrival
  • Controlled or restricted items
  • Taxable or dutiable items exceeding duty-free concessions
  • Items for which no duty-free concessions is granted

At the Red Channel, please inform a Customs officer any of the above items that you are carrying and produce the prohibited or controlled items together with the import permit, if any.
At the Red Channel, travelers are liable to:
  • prosecution and confiscation of the prohibited/controlled items if they fail to declare and produce a valid license or permit for the goods.
  • duty payment on/confiscation of the declared dutiable goods not entitled for duty-free concessions or in excess of duty-free concessions.
Travelers should enter the Green or Nothing to Declare Channel at an entry point if they :

  • have dutiable goods in compliance with duty-free concessions upon their arrival.
  • do not have dutiable goods or prohibited/controlled items upon their arrival.
Please note that travelers walking through the Green Channel are not exempted from any Customs examination. Customs officers may select passengers from the Nothing to Declare Channel for examination based on risk. If in doubt, always seek clearance at the Red Channel.

At the Green Channel, travelers are liable to:

  • prosecution/penalty if they are found having undeclared/ incompletely declared dutiable commodities upon their arrival.
  • prosecution and confiscation of the prohibited/controlled items if they are found having any of them without a valid licence/permit upon their arrival.

If you feel that the examination was not conducted in a professional manner, ask to speak with a supervisor. A supervisor is always available at the facility or by telephone. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that Customs officers treat all travelers with dignity and that they behave in a professional manner.

WARNING: The information in this website is intended as a general guideline only and subject to changes without prior notice. It does not in any way replace or supersede Customs and related laws or regulations. Before relying on the information on the Website, users should independently verify its accuracy, completeness and relevance for their purposes.


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For more information please contact. : Suvarnabhumi Airport Passenger Control Customs Bureau
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