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Customs Care Center at Tel. 1164
Thai Customs Department, 1, Suntorn Kosa Road, Klong Toey, Bangkok, 10110 Tel. +66-2667-6000, +66-2667-7000

Vision / Mission / Strategy / Values

Customs Vision
An excellent Customs service to achieve sustainable development of Thailand economy and global trade connectivity

Customs Mission
1.�Facilitate trade and promote national logistics system
2.�Promote national economy by Customs-related measures and international trade information
3.�Protect and secure society based on Customs control system
4.�Collect revenue in a fair, transparent and efficient manner

Customs Strategies
1.�Develop work process and ICT system for trade facilitation
2.�Develop Customs measures and international trade information promoting border trade and global trade connectivity
3.�Develop efficient and integrated Customs control system
4.�Enhance revenue collection efficiency and effectiveness based on good governance principle
5.�Develop human resources capacity and organizational management


I -��Integrity
S�-�Service Mind/Self-esteem


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For more information please contact. : Public Relations and External Affairs Division
Customs department 1 Suntornkosa Road, Klongtei Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Telephone number : +66-667-6000

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