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Departing from Thailand

Expensive Items Intended for Re-Importation

If you are departing Thailand with expensive items e.g. cameras, video cameras, laptop computers, tape recorders, etc. and you are intended to bring them back in Thailand, you may register these items- as long as they have serial numbers or other unique, permanent, marking items- to Customs at the departure airport after checking in and receiving a boarding pass. The Customs officials will record the exportation of such personal items intending for re-importation. All items registered will be allowed duty free entry when you return to Thailand.

Outbound travelers carrying jewelry intended for export themselves are required to complete Customs formalities before their departure at the Customs Airport Office.

Goods under Tax/Duty Drawback Scheme
Outbound travelers carrying export goods under tax and duty compensation/drawback scheme or with Re-Importation Certificates are required to complete formal Customs formalities before their departure at the Customs Airport Office.

It is illegal to take or send out of Thailand restricted and/or prohibited items e.g. drugs, faked notes and coins, obscene items, pornography etc. Customs will seize any of restricted/prohibited items. If outbound passengers convict any of these offences, you will be subject to fine and imprisonment.

Foreign Currency

The travelers bringing foreign currency more than USD 20,000 or its equivalent into or out of Thailand are required to make a report to Customs. This report is required by the Ministerial Regulation (No. 25) B.E. 2530 issued under the Authority of the Currency Exchange Control Act B.E. 2485 and relevant regulations.

The Regulation and Notification require that the travelers bringing foreign currency into or out of Thailand, both a bank note and a coin, with the total aggregate value exceeding USD 20,000 or its equivalent, must report it to a Customs officer at a port/airport of entry or exit, using the given Foreign Currency Declaration Form. The travelers must complete, sign, and submit the Form to report their foreign currency where such currency are physically carried by a person arriving in or departing from Thailand, or where they form part of the person s baggage and that person and his or her baggage are being carried on board the same conveyance across the border.

A person who reports currency has to answer truthfully any questions that a border services officer asks about the information required for the report.

Thai Currency
The amount of Thai currency, in a form of banknote or coin, allowed to be brought outside the country shall not exceed 50,000 THB. In the case where Thai currency is carried out to Thailand's boarding countries, Vietnam and Yunnan District of China, the total amount shall not exceed 2,000,000 THB. However, the Thai currency brought out to the said countries in the amount of 450,000-2,000,000 THB. shall be declared to the Customs officers at the Customs checkpoint. 

WARNING: The information in this website is intended as a general guideline only and subject to changes without prior notice. It does not in any way replace or supersede Customs and related laws or regulations. Before relying on the information on the Website, users should independently verify its accuracy, completeness and relevance for their purposes.

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